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DUO - The long vehicle trailer

With the trailers of the FIT-ZEL Duo series, particularly light Trailer are available, which score not only with the all-aluminium construction, but also with an excellent payload ratio.

What it has in common with the other trailers from FIT-ZEL and ALGEMA is the high-quality workmanship. What sets it apart is its length and payload. This means that not only several vehicles but also, for example, long timbers or profiles can be transported quickly and easily.
Main advantages of the DUO
High payload ratio
Half transport costs
Full aluminium construction
Reinforced double profile
Transport of 2 vehicles
6 wheels for stable driving
High quality & durable
Long loading area

Information DUO

Here you can find all information about the ALGEMA FIT-ZEL DUO car transport-Trailer. To download all dimensional drawings and technical data click here.

High payload

For different transport tasks, the FIT-ZEL Duo is qualified not only by its large loading area, but also by its payload of up to 2.6 t.

With its long loading area of 8.3 metres and variable widths, the FIT-ZEL Duo can be individually designed to meet different transport requirements. The loading area can be up to 2.3 metres wide.

High quality, safe and durable

The basis for the safe and flexible transport of one extra-long or two vehicles is the high-quality construction of the FIT-ZEL Duo, which is designed for safety and durability.

The loading platform and the frame, which are both made entirely of aluminum, are very well protected against corrosion by a special paint finish. The frame is also built in a reinforced double profile design.

Six wheels for safe transport

The axle unit is available in a two-axle or three-axle version.

The anti-lock braking system integrated as standard on the air-braked versions 54-22/83 Tridem and 54-24/83 Tridem provides additional safety.

Technical data DUO

Errors and omissions excepted. All dimensions and weights are approximate. Accessories increase the unladen weight. Illustrations may contain optional equipment.
Type35-21/83 Tandem35-21/83 Tridem35-23/83 Tridem
Total weight3,5 t3,5 t3,5 t
Dead weight850 kg890 kg940 kg
Payloadapprox. 2650 kgapprox. 2610 kgapprox. 2560 kg
Drive-up angle10°
Axles2 x 1750 kg3 x 1500 kg3 x 1500 kg
Overall dimensions9710 x 2140 mm9710 x 2140 mm9710 x 2340 mm
Loading length8300 mm8300 mm8300 mm
Loading width2100 mm2100 mm2300 mm
Loading heightapprox. 660 mmapprox. 580 mmapprox. 580 mm
Other models and special sizes available upon request.

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These accessories are available for the DUO

As with all our trailers and vehicles, there are also a lot of practical accessories and extensions for the DUO that can make everyday life with the DUO Trailer easier.
Cable winch
Drive-on device
Aluminium floor
Plastic floor
Spare wheel holder
Hand cable winch
Electric wire rope winch
Battery supply
Radio remote control
Middle ramp
Ramp wedges
Drive-up wedge holder
Additional charging rails
Wheel stop bracket
Frequently Asked Questions
Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact our customer support team.
What is the total weight of the long car transport trailer?
The DUO has a total weight of 3.5 t.
What are the loading dimensions of the DUO?
There are load lengths from 9 to 11 m and widths from 2.1 to 2.4 m.
How many axles does the car transport trailer have DUO?
The FIT-ZEL Duo is available with 2 or 3 axles.
How many vehicles can the aluminium trailer transport?
The car transport trailer can load and unload up to 2 vehicles.

Customer images / Deliveries

Here you will find the latest delivery photos of the ALGEMA FIT-ZEL Duo. 

We are available for consultation at any time.

We are always available to answer your questions about DUO .

Downloads DUO

All information at a glance - The Duo brochure. Dimensional drawings, standard equipment, texts & information, warranty and much more. Download now free of charge and browse digitally.
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