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Protected from wind, weather and prying eyes - tarpaulin superstructuresforyour Trailer

Vehicles can be protected not only from hail, storms, sun or rain, but also from prying eyes on their way from A to B with the tarpaulin solutions for Trailer from ALGEMA and FIT-ZEL.
They are not only used by body stores and paint stores, but also for the transport of classic cars, sports cars, promotion vehicles or in the field of motor sports.

Since the tarpaulin superstructures are placed on the outside of the Trailer , all comfort functions for loading and unloading are retained. The robust frame construction made of lightweight aluminum struts guarantees a stable body and safety while driving.
Main advantages of tarpaulin superstructures
High payload
Fast loading and unloading
Low ramp angle
Robust frame construction
Protection from weather
Easy handling
Customized tarpaulin protection

Information tarpaulin superstructures

Solutions for individual requirements

In order to meet the different and individual requirements of a tarpaulin structure, we develop the right solution for the respective application.

For this purpose, not only our experience but also a comprehensive range of different functionalities and construction methods is available. Folding and sliding versions can be combined with different heights, tarpaulin colors, accessories and other requests.

The well thought-out complete solution

With the series design of the tarpaulin superstructure, a well thought-out overall solution is available with which the respective Trailer can be quickly and easily supplemented with the tarpaulin if required.

Since the tarpaulin body is placed on the outside of the Trailer , the aluminum bumper frame can be rolled up and down quickly and easily as a whole and with the help of two 2 support wheels. The truck-quality tarpaulin used can be rolled up on all four sides. The desired color can be selected using a color sample card. Also part of the standard design is the double interior lighting of the trailer on the front side of the frame, a loading aid mirror mounted on the left side and a winch clamping bracket placed in the front right of the tarpaulin frame.

The solution with a big mouth

With the folding version of the tarpaulin body, the tarpaulins do not have to be rolled up. Instead, the rear and the two side walls can be folded up quickly and without effort. The servo-assisted walls fold up automatically and provide free access to the cargo without much effort. At the same time, the folded-up walls are also ideal as sun or rain protection.

Curtain up with sliding tarpaulins

Another variant of tarpaulin superstructures is the sliding tarpaulin. Thanks to the use of the practical skid locks, man can quickly reach the loaded vehicle even when space is limited. The tailgate can be optionally equipped with two gas springs for opening and closing.

Standard equipment box body

▪ Rear portal welded & hot-dip galvanised
30 mm sandwich panels with HG GRP top layer
▪ Top layer with white polyester lacquer coating
▪ Wall edging profiles made of anodised aluminium
▪ Hydraulic aluminium ramp flap incl. hydraulic cylinder mounted at the rear incl. rubber seal
▪ Front position lights white in the corners of the case
▪ Rear position lights red in the rain bar
▪ LED strips interior lighting (left and right under the roof)

Special equipment box body

▪ Side walls and end wall outside with 1.2 mm GRP top layer and gelcoat surface and inside with 0.7 mm GRP top layer
▪ Double wing door dimensions approx. 3000 x 1800mm mounted left and right as exit with internal espagnolette lock
▪ Door stops on the side doors incl. aluminium double profiles
3D roof spoiler for driver's cab with single cab suitable for box heights from 2300mm Colour: standard white

Technical data tarpaulin superstructures (on Euro-Trans basis)

Errors and omissions excepted. All dimensions and weights are approximate. Accessories increase the unladen weight. Illustrations may contain optional equipment.
Euro-TransTotal weight (kg)Total length approx. (mm)Loading dimension L x W (m)TyresRim seriesDrive-up angleLoading height (m)
27-21/46 X2.70059204,60 x 2,1195/55 R10C 98P M+SALU0,58
30-21/46 X3.00059204,60 x 2,1195/55 R10C 98P M+SALU0,58
30-21/53 X3.00066205,30 x 2,2195/55 R10C 98P M+SALU7,5°0,58
35-21/53 X3.50066205,30 x 2,2195/50 R13C 104N M+SALU7,5°0,66
35-21/60 X3.50073256,00 x 2,2195/50 R13C 104N M+SALU7,5°0,66
35-22/53 X3.50066205,30 x 2,3195/50 R13C 104N M+SALU7,5°0,66
35-22/60 X3.50073256,00 x 2,3195/50 R13C 104N M+SALU7,5°0,66

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These accessories are available for the tarpaulin superstructures

As with all of our trailers and vehicles, there are a lot of practical accessories and add-ons that can make everyday life with our curtainsider bodies easier.
Tarpaulin / Plateau
Cable winch
Storage space
LED interior lighting
Panoramic mirror
Tarpaulin support wheels
Lift axle
Hand cable winch
Electric wire rope winch
Battery supply
Radio remote control
Winch box
Drive-up wedge holder
Spare wheel holder
Additional charging rails
Middle ramp
Ramp wedges
Frequently Asked Questions
Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact our customer support team.
What is the unladen weight of the Trailer?
The Euro-Trans has an unladen weight from only 530 kg, depending on the model and optional equipment.
What are the loading dimensions of the Euro-Trans?
There are load lengths from 4.15 to 6.0 m and two widths of 2.1 and 2.2 m.
What is the delivery time for the car transport trailer Euro-Trans?
For new orders approx. 3 months after receipt of order. Please ask for our available trailers.
What is the ramp angle of the carTrailer?
The ramp angle of the Euro-Trans is only approx. 7.5°. With optional ramp wedges only approx. 3.5°.

Customer images / Deliveries

Here you can find the latest delivery photos of ALGEMA FIT-ZEL tarpaulin bodies.

We are available for consultation at any time.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have about tarpaulin construction.

Downloads tarpaulin superstructures

All information at a glance - The tarpaulin body brochure. Dimensional drawings, standard equipment, texts & information, warranty and much more. Download now for free and browse digitally.
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