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The right car transporter for workshops

Need help choosing your car transporter? We are happy to help! 

Vehicle transporter for workshops

Most customers expect workshops to pick up their defective vehicle and deliver it again after repair. A car transporter from ALGEMA FIT-ZEL is an indispensable vehicle for all workshops to provide a comprehensive service. You will receive from us not only suitable car transporters, but also Trailer and tarpaulin bodies, which protect the valuable vehicles. Contact us, our customer advisors will be happy to inform you about the many possibilities that a car transporter for workshops offers you.

The right car transporter for workshops

Need help choosing your car transporter? We are happy to help! 

With the Speeder 2 transport all vehicles safely & quickly

With the Speeder 2 we present a lightweight car transporter, which can also be driven by employees with a class B driver's license. The vehicle is made of aluminum / steel, so the transporter is not only lightweight, but also cheap to buy. With a maximum payload of 2.6 metric tons, many of the regulations of a truck do not apply to the Speeder 2 do not. Among other things, you do not pay tolls, do not need a tachograph, can ignore truck overtaking bans and also the ban on trucks on Sundays does not apply. Especially the last point is important, because you can bring broken down vehicles to the workshop even on Sunday.

Easy Load with the Speeder 2

The Speeder 2 car transporter for workshops is characterized by a particularly innovative tipping mechanism. The loading platform is made of lightweight aluminum and has a height of only 65 centimeters. Thanks to the ramp angle of eight degrees, the car transporter can be loaded and unloaded quickly.
The Speeder 2 has air suspension controlled by a compressor, which allows the car transporter to glide safely over the roads. The two axles and disc brakes, combined with a low center of gravity, ensure that the Speeder 2 drives like a passenger car.

Trailer and tarpaulin superstructures for flexible use

One car transporter is not always enough for workshops. If several vehicles need to be transported, the FIT-ZEL Duo is the optimal addition. The Trailer can be loaded with a payload of up to 2.6 tons, with an overall length of 8.3 meters. The loading area is variable and is up to 2.3 meters.
A good alternative is the FIT-ZEL Euro, which is particularly suitable for company founders. The self-tipping mechanism lowers the plateau within 12 seconds and locks automatically. Loading and unloading is not only easy, but done within a short time.
With tarpaulin bodies you protect the vehicle from environmental influences and prying eyes.

We supply you with the right spare parts

A car transporter for workshops is designed for longevity, repair rarely occurs. If you still need a spare part, you will find it in our spare parts store. ALGEMA FIT-ZEL delivers all parts free of charge from an order value of 150 Euro . Simply enter the search term or the article number in the search mask and the suitable spare part will appear. Extensive information texts inform you about special features, technical data, delivery time and the price.

Let us advise you through a personal conversation

For more information about a car transporter for workshops use our form. Simply click on contact and select the vehicle you are particularly interested in. An employee will contact you immediately, discuss all the details and give you comprehensive advice.

The right car transporter for workshops

Need help choosing your car transporter? We are happy to help! 

Our product recommendation for workshops:

Speeder 2 - The fast car transporter
Car registration
It is possible to classify the car transporter as a passenger car. Thus, it can be driven with driving license class B (passenger car).
Unique chassis
The unique chassis of the FIT-ZEL Speeder 2 was designed for professional use by the chassis specialists of the EDER group.
individual solutions
Vehicles can be protected not only from hail, storms, sun or rain, but also from prying eyes with ALGEMA and FIT-ZEL tarpaulin solutions.
Low ramp angle
Thanks to the ramp angle of only approx. 8°, a fast charging process is made possible.
Stable structure
The stable body in aluminium/steel construction ensures a high payload of up to 2.6 t.
Charging plate ready for charging in a few seconds
Thanks to the electro-mechanically tiltable aluminium loading platform, time-saving loading and unloading of the FIT-ZEL Speeder 2 becomes an everyday matter of course.

The right car transporter for workshops

Need help choosing your car transporter? We are happy to help! 
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