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Suitable car transporters for paint shops

Get a no-obligation consultation about car transporters for paint shops.

Vehicle transporter for paint shops

A car transporter is a necessary investment for paint shops, which pays for itself after a short time. The company ALGEMA FIT-ZEL offers its customers a wide range of transporters and Trailer at reasonable prices. Especially recommended are Trailer with a tarpaulin, because the newly painted vehicles are not exposed to the environment.

Suitable car transporters for paint shops

Get a no-obligation consultation about car transporters for paint shops.

Car transporters for paint shops provide a valuable service to your customers

Many customers do not have the time to bring their vehicle to the paint shop. More and more paint shops are therefore offering a pick-up and drop-off service. An employee drives to the customer with a Trailer , carries the vehicle onto the ramp and transports it to the workshop. This is easier than having the customer drive himself. Many are reluctant to let someone else take control of their vehicle, so they are happy to pay extra for this service. The purchase of a vehicle transporter for auto paint shops pays off financially after a short time.

Transport vehicles with a suitable Trailer

In addition to a car transporter for paint shops, we recommend the use of a suitable trailer. With a class BE driver's license, the employee drives a vehicle including Trailer with a maximum permissible weight of up to seven tons. Very versatile is the FIT-ZEL Euro-Trans. The trailer's payload is up to 2850 kilograms, making it suitable for smaller and larger vehicles. The Euro-Trans has a tipping mechanism, which simplifies the loading of the vehicle. If you want to transport two vehicles, the FIT-ZEL Duo is optimal. This allows you to pick up or deliver two vehicles.

Tarpaulin superstructures for your Trailer

The tarpaulin body can be mounted in just a few steps and protects the vehicle from environmental influences and prying eyes. The frame construction used is stable and yet lightweight. The tarpaulins sit on the outside of the Trailer, the functions of the vehicle and safety are not affected. Since the tarpaulin can be rolled up from all four sides, it does not obstruct work on the vehicle. With the help of a color sample card, you can choose the right surface that exactly matches your ideas. There is an interior light on the front side and a mirror on the left side, which makes loading easier. The Trailer with plan bodies can also be used well as a garage until the vehicle is taken to the workshop for painting.

Save money by renting

If you want to use a car transporter for car paint shops only occasionally, it is worth renting it. This is especially interesting for new entrepreneurs who first need to build up a customer base. The car transporter Euro-Trans costs per day without kilometer limitation starting from 60 Euro. In addition, there is the deposit and possibly fees for comprehensive insurance and the deposit.

Suitable car transporters for paint shops

Get a no-obligation consultation about car transporters for paint shops.

Our product recommendation for paint shops:

Euro-Trans with tarpaulin structure
Protected from prying eyes
Vehicles can be protected not only from hail, storm, sun or rain, but also from prying eyes with the ALGEMA and FIT-ZEL tarpaulin solutions.
Robust frame construction
The robust frame construction made of light aluminium struts guarantees a stable structure and safety when riding.
Curtain up with sliding tarpaulins
Another variant of the tarpaulin bodies is the sliding tarpaulin, on the side of the trailer.
individual requirements
In order to meet the different and individual requirements of a tarpaulin structure, we develop the right solution for the respective application.
elaborate all-in-one solution
With the series design of the tarpaulin superstructure, a well thought-out overall solution is available to you.
Also available as folding version
With the folding version, the tarpaulins do not have to be rolled up. Instead, the rear side and the two side walls can be folded up quickly and without effort.

Find the transporter for your paint shop

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