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Suitable car transporters for towing services

Get a no-obligation consultation on car transporters for towing services.

Vehicle transporter for towing services

When towing a vehicle, it is important not to cause additional damage to it. With a car transporter for towing services you can bring the vehicle safely and quickly to the workshop or any other place. The company ALGEMA FIT-ZEL offers you besides different car transporters also Trailer, tarpaulin superstructures and suitable spare parts.

Suitable car transporters for towing services

Get a no-obligation consultation on car transporters for towing services.

The Blitzlader 2 is the optimal car transporter for towing services

With the Blitzlader 2 the name says it all, because the transporter can be loaded within a short time and with little effort thanks to an articulated mechanism. The payload is 3.3 tons, so you can also transport small vans with it without any problems. The chassis can be extended with a tandem axle, which increases the payload to 6.3 tons. The ramp angle is only 10 degrees and when using wedges even only 3.5 degrees. This allows you to transport all vehicles from sports cars to small trucks.

Transport even more vehicles with one Trailer

A Trailer is a suitable addition to your car transporter for towing services. This not only increases the effectiveness of the car transporter, you can also transport a Trailer with your car.

The Euro-Trans is a Trailer made of aluminum and therefore particularly light. The oscillating axle X-Line compensates for bumps in the road, which significantly increases safety when driving. Even on wet and uneven roads, the grip remains. The lightweight design allows you to transport vehicles up to 2850 kilograms, so you can also transport heavy commercial vehicles.

We supply you with matching tarpaulin bodies for the trailers, which protect the vehicle from rain, storms and prying eyes.

Car transporters for towing services you can rent

Again and again it happens that you need an additional Trailer or a transporter at short notice. In this case, simply rent a Trailer or transporter at short notice via ALGEMA FIT-ZEL. The Blitzlader 2 costs 250 Euro for one day, which includes 300 free kilometers. In addition, there may be fees for comprehensive insurance, drive-up wedges and the deposit.
The Trailer Euro-Trans can be rented for a daily fee starting at 60 Euro.
You need a suitable driving license and a valid identity card. The vehicle is ready for you in Tuntenhausen, district Rosenheim.

ALGEMA FIT-ZEL offers you a comprehensive service

Our car transporters for towing services are designed for immediate use and do not require any further accessories. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at our spare parts and accessories store. There you will find an extensive selection of battery chargers, work clothing, alloy wheels and many other useful items. The extensive texts describe the respective accessories or spare parts in detail, so that incorrect purchases are rare. If you have any further questions, our staff will be happy to help you on the telephone number provided. In our service area you will find warranty claims and data sheets, which you can download as PDF files. In addition, there are brochures and operating manuals for all car transporters and Trailer .

Contact us - we will be happy to advise you

The easiest way to contact us is by phone, you can find the number on our website. Even better is the contact form, because there more detailed information about the desired product is possible. An employee will contact you immediately and make an appointment for inspection and test drive if you are interested.

Suitable car transporters for towing services

Get a no-obligation consultation on car transporters for towing services.

Our product recommendation for towing services:

Blitzlader 2 - The folding car transporter
The best payload
The weight-saving lightweight design of the ALGEMA Blitzlader 2 ensures an optimum payload ratio of 3.3 t. 
Ready to charge in just 8 seconds
With the hydraulic articulation mechanism and automatically extendable loading rails, you can load and unload your Blitzlader 2 incomparably fast.
Optimal load distribution
On the up to 5,500 mm long loading area of the Blitzlader 2 even the transport of vehicles with a longer wheelbase is no problem.
Lift axle - light and economical
With the optional lift axle system available, additional driving comfort is provided for empty runs.
Unrivalled ride comfort
The air suspension ensures car-like driving characteristics and prevents the loaded vehicle from rocking.
Double cab - particularly practical
Plenty of space for the vehicle and taking up to 6 people offers you the variant of ALGEMA Blitzlader 2 with double cab.

Find the transporter for your classic car

Need help choosing your car transporter? We are happy to help! 
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