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The ALGEMA Blitzlader 2 Innovations for car transport

The new generation of the ALGEMA Blitzlader 2 makes professional car transport even easier, safer and more economical. As an innovative further development of the proven car transporter with the unique articulated mechanism, the Blitzlader 2 an unbeatable payload of up to 3.3 tons. Even most small vans can be transported quickly and easily with the Blitzlader 2 transported quickly and easily. Among numerous equipment variants you will surely find the one that suits your needs. Blitzlader 2.

Main advantages of the Blitzlader 2

Up to 3.3 t payload
Up to 3.5 t towing capacity
Ready to charge in 8 sec. 
Bending mechanism
Lightweight construction
Long loading area
Disc brakes
Economical due to lift axle

Information Blitzlader 2

Here you can find all information about ALGEMA FIT-ZEL Blitzlader 2. To go to the technical data sheets of each brand click here.

Chassis conversion

This is made possible by the innovative conversion of the chassis. The front axle and driver's cab of the vehicle are connected to a frame developed by ALGEMA FIT-ZEL. This has a tandem axle and enables the wheelbase to be extended and thus also the usable loading area. This conversion creates a vehicle with a total weight of up to 6.3 tonnes. This achieves an unbeatable tare weight-to-payload ratio, resulting in very low fuel consumption and less wear and tear. And the life cycle costs are minimised as a result.

Lift axle - light and economical on the road

The optionally available lift axle system provides additional driving comfort for empty runs. The great ease of pulling and the high suspension comfort are only one side of the coin. In addition, the traction of the rear axle is increased in vehicles with rear-wheel drive. No less important is the fact that the use of the lift axle results in less wear and reduced fuel consumption.

The best payload in its class

The weight-saving lightweight construction of the ALGEMA Blitzlader 2 ensures an optimum payload ratio. Thanks to the innovative body made by ALGEMA FIT-ZEL, a payload of up to 3.3 t is available with a 6.3 t chassis.

Easy Load - Quickly there and quickly gone again

With the hydraulic articulation mechanism and automatically extendable loading rails, you can load and unload your Blitzlader 2 incomparably fast. You load easily without bending, without dirty hands, without risk of injury, without physical exertion and easy for everyone to operate alone - including convenient radio remote control.

Low space requirement

Thanks to the unique articulation mechanism and short loading rails, the Blitzlader requires very little space in front of the vehicle to be transported. You benefit from this especially when loading in the city and other tight spaces.

Low ramp angle

Thanks to the articulated mechanism of the Blitzlader 2 the car transporter is not only ready for loading in a few seconds, but also has a ramp angle of only 10°. With the optional ramp wedges, you can even reduce this to 3.5°. With the ALGEMA Blitzlader 2 you can thus drive up almost all vehicles effortlessly. The spectrum ranges from lowered sports cars to vans.

Unrivalled ride comfort

The ALGEMA Blitzlader 2 is the most comfortable car transporter you could wish for. The air suspension provides car-like driving characteristics and prevents the loaded vehicle from rocking. In combination with the low center of gravity and the low loading area height of 80 cm, the road holding is improved and an optimal driving behavior during cornering is made possible. So you can enjoy every ride.
High-quality purchase, low-cost operation
Smaller but finer. This is how the economic balance of the Blitzlader 2 can be described if you compare it with truck bodies with similar payloads. The purchase price is already Blitzlader 2 cheaper than larger vehicles. In addition, you benefit from the lower costs for fuel, tyre wear, taxes and insurance in daily operation. And when you resell your used Blitzlader 2 the value of this quality product ensures a high residual value.
The crossover trailer in minutes to the road train
The practical self-tipping mechanism of the trailer and the drive-over ramps allow 2 vehicles to be loaded during use without unhooking the trailer. The drive-over trailer Euro-Trans with its track width is exactly adapted to the loading area width of the Blitzlader 2 trailer. On empty runs, the ramp trailer simply rides on the tractor vehicle. The road train can be set up in just a few steps. Blitzlader 2 and fold down the ramps to form the drive-over bridge. Drive onto the Euro-Trans Trailer with the first vehicle and drive over on the Blitzlader 2. With the second vehicle, you can now load the drive-over trailer and after lashing the two vehicles, you're ready to go!
Dual Use - Double Cab
Plenty of space for the vehicle and for carrying up to six people is offered by the variant of the ALGEMA Blitzlader 2 with double cab. In this variant, the car transporter can be used as a breakdown recovery vehicle and workshop vehicle. You can also order the version with double cab with a loading length of 5.5 m.
Optimum load distribution thanks to tandem axle
On the up to 5.5 m long loading area of the Blitzlader 2 even the transport of vehicles with a longer wheelbase is no problem. The tandem axle developed and market-tested by ALGEMA FIT-ZEL is responsible for this. It ensures that the load is always optimally distributed, regardless of the loading situation.
Protected from wind, weather and prying eyes - the tarpaulin and box bodies
With the tarpaulins and box bodies, you protect particularly valuable transport goods from prying eyes or the effects of the weather. Since the various superstructures are placed on the outside of the loading area, all comfort functions for loading and unloading as well as the loading area of the vehicle remain unrestricted.
The new 3D product configurator of the Blitzlader 2
In our new 3D configurator of the Blitzlader 2 you have the possibility to configure the vehicle according to your ideas and to request an offer. After successful configuration you will receive an individual offer by mail. In your ALGEMA FIT-ZEL user account you can view previous configurations and received offers. 

Technical data Blitzlader 2

Single or double cabins of various brands with rear or front-wheel drive are suitable as base vehicles.
Total permissible weight up to 6.3 t depending on chassis
Payloadup to 3.3 t depending on chassis
Drive-up angle10°
Loading length5,500 mm
Loading width2,090 mm
Loading heightapprox. 820 mm
Errors and omissions excepted. All dimensions and weights are approximate. Accessories increase the unladen weight. Illustrations may contain optional equipment.

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These accessories are available for the Blitzlader 2

As with all our trailers and vehicles, there are a lot of practical Blitzlader 2 a lot of practical accessories and extensions that can make everyday life with the Blitzlader 2 can be made easier.
Mechanical lift axle
Electric winch
Tarpaulin & box bodies
Warning console
Panoramic mirror
Loading ball
Roadside assistance kit
Middle ramp
Ramp wedges
Radio remote control Blitzlader 2
Radio remote control
Ambient lighting
Ambient lighting - Flyer
Frequently Asked Questions
Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact our customer support team.
What is the payload of the vehicle?
The payload of the Blitzlader is up to 3.3t depending on the chassis and special equipment.
Which driving licence do I need?
The Blitzlader 2 requires driving licence class C1 or the old class 3. With trailer operation C1E or old class 3.
What is the delivery time for the vehicle?
For new orders, approx. 3 months after delivery of the chassis. Please ask for our available stock vehicles.
What is the angle of impact of the vehicle?
The drive-up angle of the Blitzlader is only approx. 10.5°. With optional ramp wedges only approx. 5°.
Customer images / Deliveries
Here you will find the latest delivery photos from the Algema-Fitzel Blitzlader 2. 

We are available for consultation at any time.

We are always available to answer your questions about the Blitzlader 2 at any time.
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